Eurovision in Concert 2017

Thirty three contestants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017  visited Amsterdam this weekend. The event comprizes a very large concert at De Melkweg and a huge press event at Vondel CS. I was happy to be there for the eighth year in a row and it was fun doing again. The press is so friendly towards eachother. For example, the press teams for television or radio often allow me to go first even though it is their turn for an interview. The way these teams work together and allow other press their interview without complaining is very nice and relaxed.

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Robin Bengtsson was the contestant for Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest 2017

This atmosphere provides the opportunity to make some nice and relaxed portraits of the artists and bands. This year I picked a number of artists who caught my eye when studying their videos and songs during my preparations. Of course I wanted to photograph the Dutch contestants, the three sisters of og3ne. Besides them, the Swedish contestant Robin Bengtsson caught my eye because of his eyes. The plan was to make a high key portret inspired by the photo of Anton Corbijn of Miles Davis, and so I did. Robin obviously was a bit confused by me placing his fingers on his face, but he let me do it (trusting me?).